A few of my favorite things

If you ask Maria, she’ll say “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.” And while I might wish for warm, woolen mittens on cold winter recess days, there are a few other things that rank slightly higher on my list of favorite things.

As a special education teacher, I am constantly assessing and reassessing what my students need in terms of materials. I make things weekly for my class, but I also want these products to last the year and longer so other students can use them down the line. I also have many students who can not write and others who need visuals on a daily basis. Therefore my favorite products fall under three categories. My laminator is pretty close to being my best friend. I wouldn’t be able to use it without laminating pouches and velcro is a hot commodity in the classroom as well.

Here are my go-to’s:


I own the Scotch Extra Wide Thermal Laminator. It is fantastic! It is 13″ wide so not only does it fit regular sized laminating pouches, but it can be used with the menu sized pouches and file folders. I have made many file folder activities with this laminator and it is amazing! It heats up super quickly and laminates very smoothly.

Laminating Pouches

My favorite pouches are the Scotch brand pouches. However, unless they are on sale, they can add up quickly in price. Another great option that I’ve found is the Amazon brand pouches. They work just as well and are not quite as expensive. Both are great options in my opinion!


I buy my Velcro from Feiner Supply. This website specializes in bulk velcro and it’s great! I almost always splurge and save myself some extra work by buying the coin velcro instead of the tape strips that need to be cut. This saves me and my scissors some sticky work. By buying in bulk, depending on the size coins you choose, you could get up to 1,400 coins per roll! Wow! Just don’t overlook the fact that you have to buy hook and loop velcro separately. Feiner Supply has a pretty standard delivery time but if you’re expecting Amazon Prime speed you’ll have to wait a little bit. However, if you can plan ahead and buy the velcro before you truly need it, it’s a great option.

Between the laminator, pouches, and velcro, I have made tons of file folder activities, task boxes, visual schedules, token boards, comprehension books, etc. You name it, I’ve probably made it!

What are your classroom must-haves?




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